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Welcome to experience the atmosphere of a traditional log house from the 19th century!

Enjoy the Lapland’s peaceful nature. Kemijoki, the longest river in Finland, is calling you for fishing.


Rural tourism
To rent the Rantala log house for travelers
To offer  versatile outdoor activities
Both independent travel and guided activities


Independent travelers and small groups (2-6 people), who are interested in traditional rustic life
Domestic and foreign travelers who prefer guided activities
Nature travelers, fishermen, berry pickers, hunters

Rantala holiday

Rantala is a peaceful countryside on the banks of the Kemijoki River. In addition to the grain built in the 19th century, there is a barn building, a cove, a beach sauna, a hut, an outdoor toilet and a service building.

The traditional log cabin was built in the 19th centyry. In 1915 it was moved to its current location. The Finnish soldiers lived in Rantala during the Winter War.  Later during the Continuation War the German soldiers lived there, too. Aleksi and Erika lived in Rantala with their family until the 70s. Their oldest son still lived there in the 80s. In 2010 the land title was transferred under Aleksi`s grandson`s name and the restoration of the log cabin began.

Rantala’s holiday has its own bird-tower. In summer 2018 there will be a lean and fireplace. (about 0.8 km from the Rantala)

From the beach it is easy to go for a variety of activities in nature. Take a boat to fish or a small hiking trip to watch the birds from the tower.

Autumn is the time of berrying and hunting. If hunting is allowed, it is possible to hunt with local club permits. In winter you can go ice-fishing. The northern lights  splendidly glitter in the midst of darkness.

Products and services




Spend a relaxing day in Rantala’s old surroundings. By fishing or
berry-picking. Visit the birdwatch or just stay alive on the land.

A schedule example:

10.00   Getting familiar. Guided tour in the milieu
11.00    A snack, for example coffee, tea, sandwiches, sausages, fruit
13.00    Fishing, berry picking, boating etc.
17.00    Sauna. A warm meal. Guitar music and signing
20.00   The end of the day trip

Group size: 2-6 persons

Price:  100€ / person. The price includes a towel, a snack and a warm meal

The activities depend on the season:

Fishing trips.
Birdwatching trips.
Berry picking and hiking.
Ice fishing trips: a snowmobile ride to the river with a fishing tent, an underwater camera and a sledge with a fireplace.
Spotting the Northern Lights.
Music, guitar playing and singing.

2. A NIGHT IN RANTALA (1-3 days)

Settle into the Rantala log house for a few days. Listen to the building’s stories from the past. The masonry oven keeps both your body and mind warm and allows you to cook delicious meals.

The program is implemented according to customers’ wishes.

A schedule example:

10.00  Getting familiar. Guided tour in the milieu. Settling into the
Rantala log house
11.00   A snack or a meal
13.00  Guided activities or independent staying. The activities depend
on the season
17.00  A snack or a meal
18.00  Guided activities or independent staying
– Sauna
– Spending the evening in the Laplander’s hut
– Guitar music and signing
– An evening snack

Group size: 2-6 persons

Price: 70€ / person/ night. The price includes a towel and bed sheets. Guided activities are arranged on request of the guests and they are included in the price. The price does not include snacks or warm meals.


Come and relax in Rantala with your family or friends. Sense the old atmosphere and enjoy the coziness of the log house.

The schedule:

Getting familiar with the milieu, guiding.
Introduction to the procedures: performing certain tasks as heating
up the masonry oven etc.
Settling into the Rantala log house.
Independent activities as fishing, ice fishing, berry picking etc.
depending on the season.

Group size:  1-6 persons

Price: 150€ / day / 1-6 person. The price includes a towel and bed sheets. The price does not include snacks or warm meals. The price does not include guided activities.

The guided activities can be purchased: (Prices: 90€ / 3 hours or 150€ / day)

An ice fishing trip with a snowmobile:Two ice fishing tents, two underwater cameras and a sledge with a fireplace. Guests ride in another sledge. Fireplace-sledge offers hot coffee or tea and sausages or sandwiches.
Price: 90€ / person (The duration is approximately 2-3 hours. The price includes the snack)

A music night: Guitar playing by the householder and singing. The householder is a musician and a guitar-playing teacher. The music night is arranged in the log house or in the Laplander’s hut. Price: 60€ / music night. (The duration is approximately 2 hours)